1. Kim & Turner - Engagement Session - Sapulpa, Oklahoma - Part I

    There’s something so exciting and special when I get the opportunity to work with friends from high school.
    I can recall several sleepovers and being ridiculous as all get out with Kim and Casi, and now look at us - grown ups who will all three be married by this coming February. Time flies way too fast!

    I had so much fun with Kim and Turner during this session. I made my scouting drives around Sapulpa around five ten times trying to find the best spots, and I was so happy when I discovered this little gem near our neighbor’s church (the day before the session, no less). This field sits atop a hill overlooking Sapulpa, and since Sapulpa is not exactly a big city, it was just field and trees as far as the eye could see, with the sunset flooding pretty warm light into every image.

    After spending a bit of time here, we drove about half a mile to the next location, and you can see those images here. :)


  2. Kim & Turner - Engagement Session - Sapulpa, Oklahoma - Part II

    If you missed Part I, check it out here. :)
    After we took photos over in that gorgeous field, I wanted to give Turner and Kim a little bit of variety in terms of lighting, background, “seasons,” etc. Because it was one of the first bearable temperature weekends in Oklahoma, I recommended to Kim that they maybe go for some “cozier” outfits for this half. Well, she brought a few options, and I love variety, so we definitely played a little dress up for the last half hour or so.

    For the first outfit, Kim strategically planned their clothing to match their wedding colors - a genius idea to help prints/canvases/etc. blend perfectly with the decor on the wedding day. Also, Turner is a Tulsa firefighter, so I was very excited to see he brought some of his gear and a nice big shirt for Kim to basically wear as a dress. Ha. We shot those photos and the other outfits around this little pond, which was reflecting the sky perfectly to get that deep blue color as the sun went down.

    Last but not least, I love when clients contribute a bit to the creativity and ideas during a shoot. We noticed that the moon had already come out near the end of our shoot, and Turner had the great idea to try to capture a photo with the moon between them. It took a few tries to get it just right, but I loved how this soft silhouette turned out.

    After shooting with these two that evening, I am even more excited for their big day in February. Can’t wait!


  3. Morgan & Chauncey - August 9, 2014 - Our Lord’s Community Church, Oklahoma City - Part I

    In Oklahoma, you can never count on the weather - you could expect the full-fledged heat of August and get a torrential downpour. Or it could be below freezing. I’m not sure what it is about this state, but it has one crazy forecast.

    However, the rainclouds literally parted ways for this beautiful occasion.

    It’s difficult to describe the confidence I have about Morgan and Chauncey’s relationship, considering I’ve known them such a short time, but there’s something about these two that everyone seems to notice. It’s a mixture of their passionate love for Christ, combined with a giddy yet mature love and admiration for each other.
    They pour that love into each other, and it simply spills out to the numerous amount of friends and family that came to celebrate with them that day.

    Basically, they’re some of my favorite kind of folks to photograph.

    When it comes to my business, that’s the most important part to me. Of course my heart was over-the-moon about the gorgeous flower arrangements, the top-notch venue, and every cute detail they incorporated that day, but a wedding day is nothing without that deep, undeniable love between the bride and groom.
    And don’t even get me started on the ceremony! (Happy sigh) Let’s all take a moment of honesty here to admit that some weddings seem to go on forever, and at times officiants can take their message a bit far off the topic of love and marriage and the couple actually getting married and just ramble for like a full hour. (I know public speaking is tough though, so no judgment here)
    But this one, goodness. It was a tear-inducing, laughter-filled, smiles on all the guests’ faces, heart-warming good time. Just wonderful.

    Once we were done taking family photos, we moved on to the reception, which was an absolute blast. Check it out here.


  4. Morgan & Chauncey - August 9, 2014 - Our Lord’s Community Church, Oklahoma City - Part II
    [If you missed it, here’s Part I]

    So not only do these folks love like crazy and inspire everyone around them, but man do they know how to have a good time!

    This reception was spectacular from start to finish. Morgan and Chauncey, along with their wedding party, were announced at the reception and began with cutting the cake and toasts. Both the maid of honor and best man gave very touching speeches, spreading tears and laughter (as well as the laughing-so-hard-now-I’m-crying-tears) to all the guests.

    After that, we all moved outside to OLCC’s outdoor reception area for Morgan and Chauncey’s first dance. Now I have no idea how it was accomplished or why it worked, ha, but I love how in a couple of the shots, you can actually see the stars in the sky. For a girl who gives herself a pat on the back anytime she observes the Big Dipper or Orion’s belt, I was pretty pleased!

    Morgan and her dad shared a sweet dance together, and then everyone got prepped to dance the night away when Chauncey and his sister busted out an epic choreographed dance! I cannot wait to see the video of that and admire their killer moves again.

    The rest was just a big party for everyone in attendance. There was a caricature artist, a coffee bar, more dancing (obviously), and a beautiful grand finale exit with sparklers and balloons. Such a blessing to be a part of this day and to get to know these awesome people. Can’t wait to see where life takes them!