1. Hey friends! It’s been on my heart lately to do a “helpful” or “informative” blog post - basically a post with tips or Q&A’s about the world of photography. I’ve had some questions in the past I can start with, but I’d love to hear what questions any of you all have as well!

    I don’t consider myself an expert in the field or anything like that, but I know as a new photographer I had a million questions that could make growing my business easier, but it’s kind of intimidating to share that uncertainty with others. Whether it’s gear, photoshop, locations, or anything else, I’d love to be a resource. After shooting 15+ weddings and other jobs this year, I thought that perhaps my experience could be useful to any photographers just starting out, or even someone simply looking to improve as a hobby!

    Zach and I were talking about role models on our 7 hour drive back from TN this weekend, and photographers like Ben Sasso make my list. Recently he published this “Photographer’s Manifesto" where he talks about photographers being part of a community instead of competition. So, to sum it all up, I’d love to do just that! So how can I be of some help?


  2. Moseley Family - October 1, 2014 - Woodward Park, Tulsa

    Alright, let’s all just let out our “awww” in unison at this adorable family.

    Between this super cute, Jesus loving couple and their positively precious maltipoo Ollie, it’s almost difficult to take a bad picture. Haha. I met up with Aaron, Sarah, and their pup at Woodward Park last week to take some family photos for them, and despite strong Oklahoma winds whipping around Sarah’s long locks and other puppies trying to steal Ollie’s attention, we still had a great time and captured some really sweet photos.

    I’m so fortunate to know these wonderful folks, and it’s crazy how our small world lets us hang out with the coolest people. Aaron was our wedding photographer back in March 2013, and since Zach and I had been living in OKC up until this past summer, that was the last time we’d all seen each other. Now that we’re in Tulsa, it turned out that Aaron and Sarah are in the LifeGroup we were joining once we moved here, and we have loved getting to know them and hang out with them on a regular basis!

    Here’s a handful of the images from the session, and I hope you’ll enjoy!



  4. Jamie & Brandon - September 13, 2014 - Dominion House, Guthrie - Part I

    Brides, have you ever considered having your wedding in the morning? Well I’m here to say that I’m a new and most enthusiastic fan of a wedding in the AM! Jamie and Brandon decided to have their ceremony at 11:00 AM at the beautiful Dominion House in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This meant that Zach and I arrived at 9:00 AM as they began to get ready for the day. During the cool, cloudy first hour,  we took photos of all the perfect details - Jamie’s stunning dress, her colorful, vibrant bouquet, those killer blue shoes, and more. One of my favorite aspects of the Dominion House is the lovely garden area that’s right outside the bride’s getting ready room. The doorway between the two is surrounded with ivy, and there were flowers all around. Perfection.

    In addition to all the pretty things and places we got to capture, what was even better was this couple. One of the first things I was quietly pulled aside and told that morning (by one of their sweet and funny family members - loved being around these people for the day!) was that Brandon had done two things - gotten a surprise gift for Jamie to give her before the ceremony, and - wait for it - gotten a brand new, sparkling, gorgeous ring that she’d never seen before that he would give her during the ceremony.

    The first surprise we got to capture was while they stood together before the ceremony, but not seeing each other. I had them stand on either sides of one of the gigantic pillars out front, and they got to hold hands, pray together, and then Brandon got to put that big smile on her face with his gift of a Michael Kors purse. (Nicely done, Brandon, nicely done.)

    I love these little moments, because it was so fun to see how anxious and excited each of them were to see the other, knowing they were just minutes away from their “I do’s.” The ceremony was held indoors, and it was wonderful how involved various family members were with the pieces throughout - whether through playing an instrument, singing, or reading a verse. Tears were shed at multiple times - when Jamie walked down the aisle, while reading their written vows, and various moments among several guests. But even better was the laughter that ensued after Jamie’s shocked moment of seeing that new ring for the first time. Multiple family members knew about it and were expecting it, and Jamie’s reaction did not disappoint. Haha.

    After taking family photos on the front steps, we took a bit of time to let Jamie and Brandon just enjoy their first moments as husband and wife, while shooting photos of them around the front of the building and courtyard area.

    Click here to see more - including some photos from their afternoon reception and a beautiful exit you won’t want to miss.